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What are the required equipments and software for interacting with the instructor?
Is video-chat an option for Skype?
Due to all sessions are conducted via Skype with your personal instructor, Skype/earphone/microphone will all be essential.

What kind of the internet connection speed is satisfactory for quality online learning?
Regular ADSL or Cable connection would be satisfactory unless you are sharing the internet with many others; however, our Hi tutor consultants will assist you with the Skype connection verification for the best learning environment before your sessions.

What to do if I don’t have Skype installed?
Skype is a free software for downloads: Download Skype

How to add teacher as a contact
The teachers will learn your Skype name and add you as a contact before the lesson started.
For more information: Adding contacts

What to do if Skype fails to work temporarily?
We suggest that you can try Google talk
More information about Google talk: About Google talk
Download: Google talk

Could I start the lessons via Skype on smart phone?
Of course you can start the lessons via your smart phone.
Get the app: Skype for mobile

What if I don't like my instructor after I started my sessions?
An instructor will be assigned to you after all necessary learning evaluations before your sessions start; however, should you have any discontent withS the assigned instructor, we will be more than willing to assign you with another instructor after understanding all your concerns and dissatisfactions.

Is there any time limitation with Hi tutor sessions?
Learning of any language requires practicing listening skill repeatedly to familiarize with the language to be able to speak without further thinking.
Hi tutor has determined 2~3 hours of learning each week would be most beneficial in learning topped with designated time limitations to all different courses.

Can I lengthen the session(s) or call in for leave of absence?
Hitutor online learning takes place efficiently and conveniently where there is internet access. If any inconvenience during your whole learning process should occur, please contact the consultants for further resolution to avoid unnecessary waste of each session.

Would I still be able to attend my sessions while out of town?
Of course, you can attend your sessions anywhere as long as you are equipped with the internet, computer and head-set with microphone.Many of our students have be reassigned abroad all over the world, but yet, learning has no boundary nor limitations to whereabouts.

Can I call in for leave of absence for all matters?
We understand the nature of working and the force majeure, 3 leaves of absence would be tolerable within a month.Should you complete the leave of absence procedure, no session of yours would be forfeited.

Where are the teachers from?
All our instructors are from both China and Taiwan. Learning materials are based on simplified Chinese and Pin-Yin system; however, should you wish to learn the traditional Chinese, it will also be arranged.(Traditional Chinese are commonly practiced in Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau.)



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