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Common Knowledge of Chinese Characters

Few of nationalities in China have the right to work with and create their very own languages and written characters. Chinese and its written characters are widely used in China and United Nations has designated Chinese as one of the five working languages. Due to the historical and geographical reasons, you'll find there are numerous dialects in Chinese language, including Wu, Guangdong and Fujian dialects. However, the common speech of the Han nationality, also known as Mandarin, has been defined as the common language by the Chinese government.

Mandarin is actually a category of Chinese dialects spoken in the almost parts of northern and south-western China. Because Mandarin mainly contains the northern dialects, the expression of "northern dialect(s)" can also be referred to Mandarin Chinese. When the Mandarin group is taken as a single language, the Mandarin language has much more native speakers than any other language in China and sometimes even in the world.
Regional dialects in China also present the different cultures in this nation. Among these dialects, Guangdong dialect, known as Cantonese also has some influence even in the English words, for example the words kowtow. Guangdong dialect is widely used in the location across the Guangdong, Guangxi and Hong Kong. However it also has some faint differences in the pronunciation.

Chinese characters
Chinese characters are used to take the Chinese language down, and it has a background of about 6,000 years, since the discovery of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells with the Shang Dynasty,.

In the Chinese writing system, the characters are monosyllabic, each of them typically corresponding to a spoken syllable with a basic meaning. Nonetheless, though Chinese phrases might be formed by characters with basic meanings, a vast majority of words in Mandarin Chinese still need two or even more characters to compose. Cognates in the different Chinese languages/dialects which possess the same meaning, however, different pronunciations can be written together with the same character.

Every person can have a Chinese name on account of the Chinese pronunciation characters. Wherever you come from, at the time you tell Chinese people the pronunciation of your name, they can immediately find some corresponding Chinese characters. So your name may be written into some Chinese characters at the same time.


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