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10 Reasons for Learning Chinese in Taiwan

1. A Perfect Place to Learn Chinese
Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Taiwan. The most effective way to learn Mandarin is to study traditional Chinese characters in the modern, Mandarin speaking society of Taiwan.

2. A Repository of Chinese Culture
The National Palace Museum has a great collection of artifacts spanning the history of Chinese civilization. Taiwanese Opera and Glove Puppetry, and aboriginal culture, add to the cultural richness of Taiwan. Nowhere will international students find a better place to experience and learn about Chinese culture.

3. Learn Complete, Traditional Chinese Characters
Learning traditional characters makes it easy to identify lexical forms and hard to misunderstand the meaning of words. Moreover, the power and aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy can only be revealed and appreciated through traditional Chinese characters.

4. An Excellent Environment for Learning Chinese
Mandarin training centers in Taiwan provide high quality teachers and facilities, a variety of high quality courses for students of all levels of proficiency, and small classes. Most importantly, outside of class, you will be immersed in Chinese language and culture. Don’t miss it!

5. Available Scholarships
To encourage students from foreign countries to learn Chinese, the government provides three scholarships. In addition, some Chinese learning centers provide scholarships.

6. A Free and Democratic Society
Taiwan has a thriving, modern, free and democratic society. It is one of the safest countries in the world, and its infrastructure, from power to transportation to telecommunication, is top-notch.

7. Easy to Reach, A Great Place to Travel
Taiwan is served by a large number of international airlines and is easily reached from many countries in the world. Domestic airlines, bullet trains, and regional train systems provide excellent transportation within Taiwan.

8. High Standard of Living
Taiwan’s infrastructure is advanced, and its law-enforcement and transportation, communication, medical and public health systems are excellent. In Taiwan, foreign students live and study in safety and comfort.

9. Test of Proficiency-Huayu
The Test Of Proficiency (TOP), or Huayu, is given to international students to assess their Mandarin Chinese listening and reading comprehension.

10. Work While You Study
While learning Chinese in Taiwan, students may be able to work part-time. Students will gain experience and a sense of accomplishment communicating in Chinese, and they can earn some extra money.

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